Saturday, January 7, 2012

"Philippines Deadliest New Years"

New Years is an event that we're suppose celebrate a brand new year and a brand new life. Apparently, New Years in the Philippines also means a way of starting the year injured ,or worst, dead. The 2012 New Years celebration was the deadliest in 20 years with more than 1,000 people being injured. I am not yet sure about how much of these 1,000 people have died because the numbers are still increasing. But anyways, I just wanted to share this because it really makes me ashamed to be a Filipino sometimes when Filipinos does stupid things like this. Filipinos never learn from the past and they just keep doing the same mistake over and over. I don't understand why they can just watch a professionally done fireworks display like the one they have in cities such as Sydney, Hong Kong and London. Where else will you hear the news that people are suffering from injuries because of fireworks? Answer: No where but the Philippines. As a matter of fact, some of the fireworks sold to the public were illegal. They were illegal for a purpose and yet the Filipino completely ignored that fact.

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