Saturday, August 11, 2012

Same Shoes

I own 3 pairs of the same shoe from H&M but they have different styles. Well, maybe just the colors are different but one of them is actually made out of a different material. The first photo is the one that's made out of a different material. Enjoy:)

Why would you buy the same shoe, you ask? Well it was on sale. Like I said in one of my previous blog posts, I like to buy most of my clothes on sale. If you're curious about how much I spent all together for these 3 shoes, I can tell you now that I spent less than $100. In total, I only spent roughly more than $60 with tax included. Great buy, right! 


  1. Nice! I too have to same black boots. But I got mine at full price. Should have waited:(

    1. Aren't they awesome! And yeah I'm pretty lucky that I got mine at a great price. Thanks for checking out my blog. Pls share to others.

  2. I have the first shoe too.

  3. I have the black ones.