Thursday, August 9, 2012

New Destinations I want to go to.

I know that I've already made a blog about "My top 10 cities I want to visit before i I die," but I soon realized as I got a little older, the things I liked suddenly changed. Things like my style, in terms of clothing and fashion, have changed and especially the places I want to visit when I get older. I still do want to visit the cities I've listed on my first travel blog, but I guess my wants and likes right now are different from my past likes. Well anyways, here are some of the cities I would like to visit someday.

1. Santorini, Greece

2. London, UK

3. New York City, NY

File:New york times square-terabass.jpg

4. Milan, Italy

5. Paris, France


  1. Wow Mark. Why almost every single city listed is in Europe? Nevertheless, they're still cool cities:)

  2. Your list is almost my list. Except Paris is first and Santorini is last.