Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Las Vegas Is Not Fun For Teenagers!

Las Vegas Blvd

So during our mini vacation to Cali, my family and I decided to go visit Las Vegas for 2 nights. Although I been there before with my aunt's family, I thought since I'm older now (19 yrs. old to be exact) that I would be able to do more things. Unfortunately, I was still too young to do anything. I'm not the party/get high all night type of person, so clubbing was off my list of things I wanted to do while in Vegas. What I did have on my list was to be able to try out some slot machines. Being unaware of the age limit to gamble, I got into some trouble when I was spotted playing with a slot machine in the hotel we stayed in. So I went back to my hotel room and just surfed the internet the rest of the day. BORING:( Since the hotel we stayed in was the most kid friendly hotel in all of Vegas, even my little brother was having more fun than me. I did, however, go to the gym afterwards so that I would be doing something productive. Even though my second time in Vegas was not the best, I still enjoyed site seeing during the night times when the city came to life. So note to self: Vegas is not for teens. 

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