Friday, August 10, 2012

Street Fashion Around the World.

The way you dress yourself says a lot about you. Some dress up to be seen a certain way. Some dress up to show professionalism, like for interviews. Some dress up for special occasions. But there are also people out there who dresses up so differently from the rest of the crowd that you can't even tell what and why they're wearing what they are wearing. Nevertheless, since I have a passion for fashion, I find these looks to be very artistic and stylish. Some might say that they're ugly and weird, but I say its a work of art and that it shows a persons individualism. What do you guys think?

1. Japan Street Fashion:
120805-7325 - Japanese street fashion in Harajuku, Tokyo (Spica, UNIQLO, Futatsukukuri, Keisuke Kanda)

120407-9470: Japanese street fashion in Harajuku, Tokyo (Josephine, Né-net, Comme des Garçons, VANS, SUPREME, TISSOT)

110218-8336: Harajuku, Tokyo, Debenhams, SENT ARTHER, BEAMS, Nike

This is actually a look that I can see myself wearing.
2. Philippines Street Fashion

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  1. Nice and unique looks. wish we had more of this kind of fashion here in the states.