Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Luxury Suits

Soon, in about 2 more years of college, I will be taking part in a professional business meeting. I am a marketing major so I know dressing up nicely for these events is an important thing. And that's why we have suits:) I own three suits which I alternate between each school presentations, weddings and formal parties I have to attend to. One of my suit is a Sean John suit while the other two are off brand suits that I have no clue about. I wish to invest in more suits in the future but when I do, I want to invest in luxury suits. I know that they're crazy expensive and you might think I'm crazy, but that's how I feel when my mom and girl friends are spending hundreds and even thousands on a bag:) Anyways, here are just a few suits I found on the Burberry and Gucci websites. Enjoy:)