Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Top Ten Cities I Want To Visit Before I Die.

I really love to travel, so here  I've put my top 10 cities I want to go to before I die.

1. Seoul, South Korea
Why? Because I've always been a fan of Korean culture, Kpop, Korean food and Korean Style. 
Choegyecheon Riverwalk
2. Dubai, UAE
Why? Its the most modern city located in the desert. What's more awesome than that? And plus, it currently holds the world's title of having the tallest building. 
Burj Khalifa
3. Tokyo, Japan
Why? Its the most high tech city in the world and plus I love Japanese food. 
Shibuya, Tokyo
4. New York City, USA
Why? I want to taste the best pizza and hot dog that the city is known for and plus I want to watch one Broadway production. 
Time Square
5. Singapore, Singapore
Why? Idk, it just sounds like a cool city to me.
Siloso Beach Resort
6. Bangkok, Thailand
Why? Delicious food and a nice city. And I heard from people that it has a great night life.
MBK Shopping Mall
7. Tahiti, Bora Bora
Why? Beautiful beaches and I bet they offer really good fresh sea food.
Tahiti Beach Resort
8. Rome, Italy
Why? I want to visit the great historical sites and eat real Italian food.
9. Hong Kong
Why? I've been here before, but it was only a two day stay so my family and I didn't get to do much. I would like to explore this city more, but I hope they don't have any hatred towards Filipino people since what happened in the hostage that took place in the Philippines which took the life of a couple of Hong Kong citizens. 
The Buddha
10. Boracay, Philippines
Why? I'm Filipino and I want to be able to experience this world famous beach myself. But most of all, I LOVE THE PHILIPPINES!!!                                      
Shangri la Hotel & Beach Resort

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