Thursday, December 22, 2011

"Why College Is Way Better Than High School"

I just started college in the fall and I have to say that even from the first day I walk into my campus, I already knew that I was going have a great time. Unlike high school, (High School Sucks!!!) in college you get to have more "me time." There are just so many free time giving to you that sometimes you forget you're even in school. Another reason is that there is no longer a feeling of being left out because you might not have the coolest clothes, or the newest gadgets or you're not the friends with the hottest cheerleader or with the star athlete. In college, there are so many clubs and organizations that anyone can join; therefore, it is almost impossible for anyone to feel left out. I myself joined the Filipino Student Association (FSA) and I'm also looking into joining the Korean Student Association (KSA) just b/c I love my Korean people. College also helps you discover things about yourself that you thought you couldn't do. For me, I found out that I love dancing after I attended a dance workshop for FSA. Another reason why college is better than high school is because you don't have the criminals, the class clowns, the drug-heads and other people who were generally disruptive in high school in your classes. For me, although I miss my memories I had in high school, I'm super glad I'm out of it. 

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